Decorema is a store that sells smart solutions in home, leisure and technology at unbeatable prices with fast delivery throughout Sweden. Thanks to our wide range of over 20,000 products, we can offer you a variety of products and smart solutions at reduced prices directly to your door.

We think that home and leisure are the most important things in life and therefore we have put our full focus there to help you to a simpler everyday life. We currently have over 70,000 satisfied customers and are growing at a rapid pace. We want to offer you fantastic products that make you both successful and enjoy your life in everyday life. Decorema has also become global and today we deliver our products all over the world with offices in Sweden.

We offer a large variety of well-known brands of the highest quality in different price ranges. We are constantly working to improve ourselves and our range to be able to offer the best service and prices to you as a customer.

Feel free to contact our customer service for personal service if you have any questions or concerns and we are happy to help you.

Other Contact Information
Polygonvägen 61 Office only, not returns / deliveries / salesg)
187 66 Täby

How it all started
In 2013, the brothers Björn and Peter decided to open an online store that would later become Decorema. Previously, the online store was run under a couple of other names before they finally found a home. At first, Decorema was run in parallel with other jobs in IT, but quickly in 2014, they decided to invest wholeheartedly in the business and to develop the concept. Already in 2014, we were the majority of employees and worked towards where Decorema is today. The name Decorema clarifies what we focus on with our business, to decorate the home and life itself with smart solutions that help you in your everyday life to a simpler life.

We who work at Decorema are a young, ambitious and creative group who want to create the best place online to find smart solutions for you and your home. We have come a long way in the process and are growing steadily. We have always had the customer in focus and put our greatest focus on customer service and experience.